Here in the United States, we have a particularly large problem with waste, for example:

  • Each hour, Americans throw away about 2.5 million plastic bottles.
  • Enough aluminum is thrown away to rebuild our country's entire commercial airline fleet every three months.
  • Americans throw away enough disposable plates and cups to serve a meal to everyone in the world six times a year.

 We do our part in the Foothills to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Most residents have access to Convenience Centers where recycled items are collected.  Click the link below to find a location near your home:

Alexander County

Burke County{638B9153-C4D3-41E4-B3D4-D89BB0B409B2}

Caldwell County

Catawba County

Watauga County

Wilkes County

Other recyclables such as chemicals, manufacturing by-products, building materials, unsold product, etc may find a buyer through NC Waste Trader.  This is a service provided as part of NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  For more information, go to

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